Key Points

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What is Key Points

Managing crucial details in a multi-supplier, multi-product environment is a breeze with THE HUB’s “Key Points” feature. Collaboratively record and track essential details, enhancing precision in OEM manufacturing and minimizing the risk of errors

In the intricate realm of procurement, where buyers interact with multiple suppliers and suppliers cater to various buyers, managing diverse products is a challenge. Buyers often navigate through numerous suppliers, each delivering a range of products, each with its specific set of intricacies

1. Efficient Record-Keeping for Clarity

To mitigate the risk of overlooking crucial details that could lead to complications, potential losses, or the production of substandard products, THE HUB introduces the “Key Points” feature. This serves as a dedicated space where both buyers and suppliers can collaboratively document and track essential details related to the production and delivery of various products.

2. Comprehensive Detail Management

Considering the complexity of dealing with numerous suppliers, each handling multiple products with their respective specifications, Key Points in THE HUB becomes a centralized repository. Here, both parties can record, track, and refer to essential information to ensure that no vital confirmations are overlooked in the OEM manufacturing process.

3. Avoiding Confusion Across the Supply Chain

Key Points is particularly valuable in scenarios involving different suppliers, diverse products, and multiple buyers. By providing a structured framework for recording essential details, it minimizes confusion and reduces the likelihood of errors or discrepancies. This proactive approach contributes to preventing complications that may arise during production or upon the receipt of products that don’t meet specified requirements.

4. Enhancing OEM Manufacturing Precision

By jointly recording and referencing key points, both buyers and suppliers benefit from an enhanced understanding of critical aspects, ultimately ensuring precision in the OEM manufacturing process. This feature in THE HUB acts as a collaborative tool, fostering clear communication and alignment on essential details.

5. Sample Confirmation and Digital Document Storage

Facilitate efficient sample confirmation with THE HUB, enabling you to record, track, and archive sample-related information seamlessly. Extend capabilities to digitize and securely store a wide array of transactional documents, enhancing convenience and organization

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