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What You Need To Know About THE HUB

THE HUB ONLINE PLATFORM is an online cloud platform tailored for international buyers, leading the digital transformation of traditional international trade. It serves as a digitized management platform for manufacturers and buyers throughout the contract fulfillment and product delivery process. The core focus includes centralized control of product quality management, customization of production details, and adherence to legal traceability of wood sources through the EUDR. Key information for both parties is securely stored on THE HUB platform, ensuring mutual understanding, a high first-time product approval rate, and mitigating unnecessary losses.

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What Services We Offer For You

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Digital Online QC

Online quality control for every shipment, with inspection data satisfaction recorded on THE HUB CLOUD as evidence for both buyers and sellers.

Prepare EUDR Docs

According to the requirements prepare complete EUDR legal source documents for timber. risk analysis and mitigation.

Key Points

With different products, orders, suppliers, and various packaging, accurately managing requirements can be challenging.

Samples Tracking

Buyers and suppliers often deal with numerous samples. It's important to track these samples and document what has been sent or received.

Download Center

An digital file cabinet, managing your crucial information, including drawings, standard documents, and backup records for reference.

Suppliers Manages

Manages all suppliers, regardless of their location or country.

Tailored Excellence: Elevate Your Experience with Customized Development from THE HUB

We specialize in crafting a bespoke program just for you, finely tuned to your industry and product categories. Imagine expanding the capabilities of THE HUB beyond its current features, tailored precisely to your needs. THE HUB is dynamic and adaptable, evolving to meet your unique requirements. Our team of expert programmers is at your service, offering personalized development to elevate your experience. Let THE HUB soar to new heights as it becomes your unparalleled ally.


we go above and beyond to ensure the utmost security for your data. Our commitment includes employing secure transmission methods, robust protocol encryption, and fortified cloud shield protection. Your data’s safety is our top priority, and we’ve implemented a comprehensive suite of measures to underscore the importance of preserving your valuable information. Trust us with your data security – it’s not just a promise; it’s our unwavering commitment.

Hardware Network Security

For data storage on Ali Cloud in Frankfurt Germany servers, specialized security software, Cloud Firewall by Ali Cloud, is employed. This prevents malicious attacks on servers, safeguarding against data theft, tampering, damage, or leakage. Regular security vulnerability scans and risk assessments are conducted to identify and address security issues.

Data Storage and Transmission Security

Data is encrypted for storage and transmission, employing multi-factor authentication to enhance identity verification. Stored data undergoes concealed storage through multiple layers of encryption, only revealing plaintext through specific encryption algorithms. During transmission, the already encrypted data undergoes a secondary encryption using MD5 data encryption. All transmitted information is in ciphertext, invisible to any user.

Document Management System

Encompassing comprehensive functions for collection, storage, and utilization. Full-text search, enabling searches based on the content of electronic files (word, excel, txt, html). A distinctive feature (optional): Digital watermarking, providing added protection by adding watermarks to electronic documents.

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